An Exceptional writer in the Canadian Fashion Bloggers communityI am lucky enough to be part of the Canadian fashion bloggers community. I am based in Ottawa, Ontario and as a prominent writer in the Canadian fashion bloggers community, I write for well-known blogs and magazines, including Shifter Magazine, Faces Magazine and Krowd Magazine. My client base continues to grow and has already expanded to New York!

Like many other Canadian fashion bloggers, I created my own fashion blog to share my thoughts on a larger scale.  This blog is my foray into fashion as a career and my realization that fashion, like any other art form, is subjective. I’ve had the pleasure of growing up around paintings, furniture, and sculpture because my parents collect art. I was always fascinated by it but it also confused me. I remember looking up at paintings and thinking that I finally understood what they meant. When I would ask my dad what he thought, he had a different interpretation. I thought that the difference in opinion meant that one of us was wrong.

During this time, fashion also piqued my interest. My mother worked in retail and I was introduced to a completely different form of art. I started to sketch clothing and study the brands that I came across in my mother’s wardrobe. Most notably, a vintage Chanel tweed jacket and a Louis Vuitton handbag. These two pieces are what inspired me to learn about anything fashion-related.

When I was twelve years old, I stopped sketching and so ended my daily visits to and, where I would review the latest runway collections and familiarize myself with the supermodel directory. I remember thinking I should focus on school because fashion would never be a practical career path. Throughout high school, I developed an interest in criminal psychology and went on to complete my Bachelor of Arts in Criminology. My degree left me feeling unfulfilled and I returned to what my passion really was and what it had always been: fashion. I’m very proud to be one of the best Canadian fashion bloggers and share with you, my Ottawa fashion blog.

I invite you to read some of my fashion blog posts and share your thoughts. You can also rate my writing in the writing portfolio section. I update my blog and writing portfolio projects regularly, so keep checking back for fresh, new content! 



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