This is an Ottawa fashion blog that has evolved to include my writing portfolio. I don’t consider this website just a passion, it is my business also. Blogging has opened so many doors for me and has allowed me to contribute to several magazines, blogs and businesses. After I established the fashion blog I began freelance fashion writing. My portfolio has grown to include topics like art, relationship advice, and even music. I like the challenge of writing about topics outside of my comfort zone. This I believe, will help me to grow as a writer and express client’s unique visions. I like to have conversations with people in my writing and share stories so that the reader is engaged in more than a fleeting way. I want the experience you have on this site to be memorable because you have made a personal connection with it.

Louis Vuitton Reigns Supreme

The Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration that debuted back in January during Paris Men’s Fashion Week is now available in stores.

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Is There Room for Politics in Fashion?

Is there room for politics in fashion? D&G don’t think so according to a recent comment Miley Cyrus made over Instagram calling out the designers’ “politics.”

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NoBadDays est.never

NoBadDays launched mid-March in Jessika’s hometown of Ottawa after she returned from completing her fine arts degree in Australia. Inspired by her time as as a world traveler through Canada, the US, Australia and Iceland, Jessika fell in love with foreign cities, new faces and familiar passions.

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Culture Creator: Hannah Rose Prendergast

A profile written by AM/PM Culture on Ottawa fashion blogger, freelance writer, and culture creator: Hannah Rose Prendergast.

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Illustration Artist Review: Polly Nor

For British illustration artist Polly Nor, zero care in the world looks like a devil which has divested itself of a very weighty human skin suit. This metamorphosis isn’t as scary as it sounds though, in fact, it can be quite comical.

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Ottawa Fashion BlogA prominent writer in the Ottawa fashion bloggers community, Hannah Rose Prendergast

Here is a little bit about my past before I became one of the top Ottawa fashion bloggers:

My background is in Criminology. Although this is seemingly unrelated to fashion, it is very much a part of the same journey. My goal is to continue to educate myself and my readers while applying it through the lens of fashion, art or lifestyle. I hope that your time here is spent learning new things and understanding a new way of looking at those things. If you come away with either after reading my work, I’ve done my job. Fashion and the arts have always spoken to me on more than just a surface level. I have been thinking about what they mean to me since I was a child. I like to capture this every time I write so that I may share with you the same wonder that I’ve always had. Please enjoy reading my Ottawa fashion blog and writing portfolio. If you have any inquiries regarding freelance work or collaborations, please send me an e-mail. Thank you so much for your support, it means the world to me!

Love, Hannah Rose Prendergast